Hans-Günter Vinzentz


Managing Director of Vinzentz GmbH
Managing Director of Kasper & Vinzentz Gesellschaft für Altersversorgung mbH


  • studies of economics at the University of Mannheim with majors bank sector, insurance sector and monetary theory
  •  international office SGZ Bank Ffm. and Midland Bank London
  • 1980 Managing Director of Vinzentz GmbH
  • consultant for occupational pension of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung, DGFP e.V.
  • member of the Supervisory Board of VMO AG Verfahren für Management und Organisation, Frankfurt
  • 2002 establishment of Kasper und Vinzentz Gesellschaft für Altersversorgung mbH


Vinzentz GmbH, Krefeld, is an insurance broker for occupational and private forms of old-age pensions since 1964. With decades of experience and competent network Vinzentz GmbH implements remuneration policy in enterprises to optimum effect. Vinzentz GmbH is independent from external investors, insurance companies and investment houses.


Kasper & Vinzentz Gesellschaft für Altersversorgung mbH, Krefeld and Friedeburg, provides expert opinions for all forms of old-age pensions.
Currently the company provides actuarial, fiscal and employment law support for companies from all sectors of the economy.



Consulting for occupational and private pensions

  • implementation of occupational pension schemes as part of the remuneration policy
  • harmonization of pension plans for international clients and bench mark studies
  • liability-safe information of employees concerning benefits and deferred compensation as well as bonus and royalty conversion
  • individual financial retirement planning

Implementation and follow-up of pension commitments

  • pension commitments to managing partners and collective pension schemes
  • invitations to tender for the asset backing insurance companies
  • adjustment, financing and outsourcing of pension commitments: contractual trust arrangement(CTA)
  • pension commitments on transfer of a company according to § 613a BGB

Actuarial services, reports

  • actuarial reports for all forms of annual statements
  • pension check according to employment and fiscal law
  • expert opinions on compensations and maintenance settlements
  • pricing on transfer of a company according to § 613a BGB as well as share deal transactions with pension commitments

Administration and communication

  • support for the pension management for HR, finance department and controlling
  • asset liability matching of pension commitments
  • employee online portal to communicate all occupational pension benefits for retirement planning including the current status and forecast calculations in picture, figures over time